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Teambuilding DYKA

Datum: 13.11.2014 | Zhlédnuto: 0x

We are specializing on company teambuilding and icebreaking of small or medium businesses. For the DYKA company we created an afternoon program for 90 people – 4 sports stations: a rope centre, an obstacle course for segways, an archery and electric scooters. All was in form of competition including evening program and an evaluation with prizes.

We provided an afternoon program for 90 people at 4 sports stations. The rope centre required climbing over a rope net, also a slackline stretched 10 metres between the trees and showing a walk with stilts. The archery needed a precise shooting at a target from about 5 metres. The obstacle course for segways contained a slalom and getting over some barriers. The electric scooters had marked a 400 metres long circuit, where everyone compared their skills. Each station had its own instructor that briefed every participant, showed them what to do and offered trying that activity. After we evaluated the competition, we presented valuable prizes for the first three places.

For small and medium businesses we offer sports programs in a cognitive and educational way (orienteering, information knowledge-competitions in the town or a beer run). Another possibility is to realize your program as several sports stations centralized over the park or meadow.

We will manage everything including the accommodation and gastro service. For more information feel free to contact us.